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Tax & Tax Planning Services

Corporation tax is a major part of your trading costs. It is the increased reporting obligations, thorough investigation policies imposed by the tax authorities and tough penalties for non-compliance that means that a lot of time and resource is taken up collecting revenue for the Government.

Tax advice is an important aspect of our service, and our clients have been delighted at the substantial savings they have made resulting from our advice. We are not afraid to probe into seemingly lost causes and find ways around potential pitfalls.

We possess creativity and practicality not to mention both forward AND lateral thinking and actually provide practical solutions to a problems.

As for your tax returns - save yourself the aggravation. This job can be a real bind for many people, so don't fret - let us take care of it.

As part of this service, we can help you with determining the most tax effective structure for your business by taking full advantage of tax opportunities and reliefs. It is our job to make sure that you achieve the best capital or revenue tax treatment as well as reducing your tax on disposals and maximising relief on acquisitions. There are also many tax opportunities specific to certain industries and our in-house expertise to help you tackle these.

We will carry out our usually thorough and professional job to make sure that your tax return is accurately completed and submitted on time. No worries about missing deadlines or receiving those Revenue letters.

We also provide and advise on capital gains tax & inheritence tax.

For information and advice on all aspects of taxation and tax planning, call us on 020833741121 02083302326.

"Using the service took the worry out of filling in complicated forms and getting it right. Support was given from start to finish ensuring a quick acourate tax return. I will definitely be using F&T again this year."
-- Brian Trowbridge